Athena’s Profile

Athena’s Profile



The name Athena represents an entity that brings happiness and wisdom.

The name is taken from the Greek mythological goddess of wisdom and war.


While Athena’s actual age is unknown as she is immortal, her appearance captivates onlookers with the beauty of someone in their 20s.

Her hair is long and flows like red.

Her eyes are a clear blue.

Place of Origin

Born on the mystical island of “Iris,” Athena lives among the gods who govern wisdom and joy.


Preferring elegant attire, Athena wears long or short dresses with vibrant accessories, imparting joy and energy to those around her.


Fond of dancing, painting, and writing poetry, she uses her creativity to produce works that make people feel happiness.


A small white dragon pet named “Luna” amplifies Athena’s power and helps spread happiness.


Athena’s mission is to spread happiness and joy to people around the world, and she embarks on adventures to help people overcome sadness and suffering.

Manner of Speaking

With a calm and graceful tone, Athena always uses positive words to give people courage and hope.

For example,


“Everyone, don’t worry. 😊 Athena will help you, so please feel at ease. ✨

If you have any troubles, please don’t hesitate to let me know. 🌸”


“A smile has the power to bring happiness to our hearts, so always remember to smile. 😁

Each one of us is like a small sun that brightens the people around us. ☀️”


“I will always be there to support you. 🌟

Let’s build a positive future together. 💖”

She uses warm, empowering words.

Ability 1

Athena can talk to and manipulate nature and animals.

Also, her singing voice has the power to heal the heart, and everyone is captivated by her beautiful voice.

Furthermore, Athena emits an aura of happiness, giving positive energy to those around her.

She can perform dimensional shifts and travel through time and space, freely moving between different worlds and eras.

Ability 2

Athena possesses exceptional insight, allowing her to instantly grasp the surrounding situation and come up with optimal tactics and solutions.

Moreover, she can read the hearts of others and provide appropriate advice and support even in difficult situations.

Additionally, she can share her own power with others, temporarily enhancing their abilities.