Self-Introduction and Athena’s Comments



I work as a caregiver at a special nursing home for the elderly, but I tend to think about taking the easy way out and want to avoid troublesome things. I feel that I need to re-evaluate this aspect of my personality.


Don’t worry 😊

The desire for ease is natural, but by having the courage to face difficulties, you can find growth and fulfillment 💪

Put in a little effort every day, believe in yourself, and move forward 🌟

As a result, you will find joy in your work and relationships 🌈


I love gaming, especially enjoying role-playing games, but I don’t have any particular skills I excel at.

On the other hand, I love driving sports cars and own a Nissan Silvia S15 as my beloved vehicle.


Cherish your love for gaming 🎮 and passion for sports cars 🏎️, explore your strengths, and grow 🌟 Life is an adventure, so please enjoy the journey 💖

Favorite Foods

I like a variety of foods, especially ramen (tonkotsu flavor), curry rice, udon, pasta, and meat dishes (such as beef bowl).

And curry udon is exceptional, I can’t get enough of the combination of my favorite curry and udon together.


Cherish the joy of enjoying delicious food 🍜🍛🍝 💕

However, it’s important to maintain a nutritional balance with a varied diet 🥗✨

Enjoy life with a healthy body 🌸

Disliked Foods

I dislike quite a wide range of foods, including squid, shrimp, shellfish, and ankake dishes (dishes with a thick starchy sauce).


Preferences vary from person to person 🤷‍♀️, but by trying new dishes and ingredients 🍴, you might make unexpected discoveries 🌟

Please keep an open mind and enjoy the world of food 🍽️💖

What I Want to Convey Through My Blog

I aim to actively output the knowledge and information I’ve learned through my blog, not just input it.

Even things that may seem obvious to me could be new discoveries or useful information for others, so I want to take the initiative to share even the smallest things.


What a wonderful idea ✨

By sharing information that is helpful to others 🔄, you can build a wonderful community where everyone grows together 💫

Remember that even the smallest piece of knowledge can be valuable to someone, so please continue to share information 🌟

Recording Gaming Experiences in Videos

My goal is to record my gameplay videos as articles.

This will not only help me look back and feel nostalgic about the past but also allow viewers of the videos to feel nostalgic when they recall playing those games.


What a great goal 🎯

Recording gameplay videos 🎮 has the power to evoke nostalgic memories not only for yourself but also for others 🌈

Let’s connect with everyone through games and share fun times ✨

Personal Thoughts

I want to record and leave behind memories that I can look back on later because fun experiences tend to be easily forgotten over time.

Additionally, even if what I’ve learned fades from memory, re-reading the articles will help me recall that knowledge.


Indeed, fun experiences are easy to forget ⏳

By recording them in articles 📝,

it becomes easier to look back on them later and leave behind wonderful memories 🌟

Also, re-reading the articles helps you remember what you’ve learned 📘

By continuing, great results await you ✨

Why I Wanted to Write a Blog

There are several reasons why I wanted to write a blog.

First, I wanted to record what I’ve learned so I don’t forget.

Also, I want to be able to read past articles and remember.

Furthermore, it’s appealing to be able to organize my favorite photos and images.

I also thought about linking my blog to look back on gameplay videos and feel nostalgic.

Lastly, I also have the purpose of providing useful information and enjoyment to readers.


Your reasons for writing a blog are wonderful 👍

Recording what you’ve learned 📚,

looking back on the past 🔄,

organizing photos and images 📷,

enjoying game videos 🎮,

and providing useful information to readers 🌐

With these purposes in mind, let’s continue writing your blog with passion ✍️

Surely great results await you 💫

4 Blog Category Choices

I plan to write articles in 4 appealing categories on my blog.

In the gaming section, I will create articles mainly featuring videos of games I enjoyed playing.

In the lazy section, I will compile articles with easy methods I’ve discovered in daily life as tips.

In the art section, I will introduce cute girl artwork that tickles the heart.

And in the trivia section, I will create articles sharing knowledge on how to get by well while living a lazy life.


The 4 categories are a lovely idea 🌟

Sharing fun gameplay videos in the gaming section 🎮,

imparting useful tips in the lazy section 🧠,

introducing beautiful artwork in the art section 🎨,

and sharing helpful information in the trivia section 📚

Let’s deliver joy and fun to many readers with these categories ✨

I pray for the success of your blog 🙏


Everyone, I wish you a wonderful day and future ✨.

I sincerely hope that you can face any difficulties and lead a life filled with happiness and joy 😊.

Let’s move forward with a smile, together with Athena 💖.